Monday, January 19, 2009

On BSG's season thingy premiere

"Anders, stop quoting Dylan lyrics at me." -- Kurt

If you don't want to be spoiled about Battlestar Galactica, please to stop the reading now and go look you at some LOL cats.

I have to begin with this, which annoyed me before, with the final episode of whatever season it was last year: Who the hell approaches an unknown planet with their entire fleet in tow (peacefully, that is)? A planet they believe to be fully populated? Didn't a surprise fleet, oh, I don't know, BLOW UP YOUR
WHOLE TWELVE WORLDS JUST A FEW YEARS AGO? The fact that they weren’t shot out of the sky should have been their first clue that something was amiss.

There is speculation that Dee still was/is actually a cylon. I don’t contest that possibility, but I do propose another explanation for why she fastened on to the jacks like that: the simple destruction of hope. All her dreams for earth. All her dreams with Lee. The scene with the Agathons might serve to point to a sinking sadness, the deep sense of loss of something she had always expected to have –- since childhood, since sitting on that rocking horse –- and now, now it’s been blown away by two wars, too many to bear any longer. First losing Caprica, then Lee, then Earth on top of it, the Earth some never thought they’d find and then, THEN, there, Oh my gods, it’s REAL? The equation adds up too, too easily.

Also, considering what we now know about this Earth and its cylons, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there are more cylons in the fleet, except that obviously we won’t, because there are only 13, so say we all.

As for Ellen: Her very survival was a surprise to many, and her story was unverified by anyone. Better questions might be about why there are 13, five very old and eight rather new, and, the biggie: Exactly how are humans different from cylons anyway? Why do humans keep insisting the skinjobs are machines? Even when the Eights keep breaking their programming?

It could also explain why Ellen was with Saul in the first place, since he wasn’t exactly going anywhere for a large part of his life. Though he might simply have been a good port in a storm for her. ... Or she loved him. There's that.

And then, Starbuck. Dude. Why wasn’t her hair burned with the rest of her? Is it magic hair? IS HER HAIR A CYLON?

Nine episodes to explore and explain all this. It’s not enough.

What else? There is more. Like why Olmos can’t play drunk.

Also, I like Anders. There, I said it.

But most importantly, what did you think?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sometimes a Great Notion

Four days, 11 hours and 36 minutes till Battlestar's beginning of the end.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why hello there, 2009, aren't you lookin' sexy

  • Acquire hover car and investigate other hover-related technology
  • Nurture relationship with The Tanning Bed. Set tan example for pasty hippie town
  • Avoid Wyclef Jean. Remember last funk-fueled shooting spree
  • Start gum bank in move to be better friend
  • Avoid Manilow. Remember last sob-induced shooting spree
  • Find one who will perform piscine matrimony (start with Unitarians)
  • Do Not Cry when Mother glares disapprovingly at eyes
  • Look into changing eye color
  • Remember Pluto
  • Discover perfect shade of lavender
  • More Sabado Gigante!