Saturday, April 17, 2010

Since 8 a.m.

this has been going on since 8 a.m., today, Saturday, with no warning from the landlord next door. Fixing the chimney. So I expect it will go on all f*ing day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kitty discovery!

9+ years ago I lived in an apartment with Megan in Orlando. I had Chewie then.


His Chewness

She had Emma. One day we started seeing this black and white cat outside, young but not wee kitteny, 3 or 4 months old maybe. I named him Simon. He had a streak down the middle of his head, where someone had to have peroxided him or something.

Stopped seeing him around after a while.

May 25, 2000, Chewie died, just over 1 year old, of lymphosarcoma from feline leukemia. Terrible stuff, terrible time.

Three months later, I saw another black and white cat, wondered at first if Simon was back, then realized this one was way too small to be the same cat. When I saw she was pregnant, I grabbed her, and you know the rest of the story.

Last night I was looking through photos from 1999-2000, lots of Chewie but of other things around that time too. One package had "Simon" written on it. I was eager to remember what he looked like.

Simon the small, young kitty

What he looked like was my girl Rogue. Down to the spot on the left hind toe. He was her all along! She was him! And this has fascinated me since discovering it last night! I hooted when I realized! Is she older than I thought? Did she and Chewie talk to each other, she below in the grass and he from the third-story window? I knew her before I knew her!


Obviously all the other markings reveal the mystery, too, but the toe spot really clinched it.

Now, Chewie is in this pack of photos, so it's obviously like April '00. And also, Steve and his grandparents in West Palm, so if only I could remember when that was ...

Florida cat in Northeast autumn: the heater vent squish


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Of a summer's evening

At 7:30 tonight I went to sit outside and read. By 7:50 I felt it:

It’s time.

I’d known it a while ago, but the weirdness of the past few months blanked it out, I guess. So sitting out in the yard I will sorely, deeply miss, where I have spent perhaps too much time alone, I knew. For while I have made wonderful friends here, I have still been very alone, save for a few short, quick, lovely months. Still, those were spent inside, and all my time outside has been just me. (And Rogue, sometimes.)

And a year ago, I told Jenny I had a feeling I wouldn’t be renewing my lease again.

It's not only time to leave. It’s time to go.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009